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A home away from home for your furry love is important to the health of your pets. It's a great way to ease separation anxiety and keep your pet stimulated while you're at work or away.

We provide peace of mind so you can do what you need to and rest assured your pet is being taken care of as our own.

  • $45.00 per day

  • $60.00 per day (puppies, under 6 months)

  • $55.00 on weekends

  • $20.00 Flat rate after-hour stay

  • $30.00 per each additional dog

  • $20.00 additional for overnight 

  • $25+ additional for holiday services  

  • $5.00+ per dog/day for any medical attention required.

*All prices are subject to HST*

What's included in doggy daycare?

  • Available 7 days a week, stat holidays included

  • They will be fed at the same times they normally eat at home to keep in routine

  • Plenty of playtime, socializing with other fur pups and constant exercise with some naps in between

  • Updates and pictures will be posted daily

  • The only thing you provide is food. We got everything else covered. (Beds, toys, low volume music, treats, love, and even a couch!)



10 day package (one dog) - $439.00+ HST

10 day package (two dogs) - $749.00 +HST


One month unlimited (one dog) - $1,399.00 +HST


Price does not include:

  • overnight sleepovers

  • after hour stay/pick up fees 

  • Stat holiday charges 

  • Weekend fees


7 day overnight package (one dog) - $509.00 +HST

7 day overnight package (2 dogs) - $889.00 +HST

14 day overnight package (one dog) - $989.00 +HST

14 day overnight package (2 dogs) - $1,699.00 +HST

One month overnight unlimited (one dog) - $2,089.00+HST

One month overnight unlimited (2 dogs) - $3,499.00+HST


Price does not include:

  • Stat holiday charges 

Furry Requirements


  • Up to date vaccinations

  • Flea/tick preventative 

  • Bordatella shot 

  • Must be fixed after a 2 years of age



  • $30.00 per day for all cats

  • $35.00 per night for all cats

  • $10.00 additional for service on weekends

*All prices are subject to HST*


What’s included during kitty visits?
  • Your cat will receive as much attention as it would at home.. and most likely more!  

  • Same time feeding schedule as they have at home

  • Lots of updates and pictures are sent you daily

  • The only thing you provide is their food, litter and special treats if they have any. Everything else is covered by us. ( cat tree, litter box)


We LOVE Rufferrals

For every new client we make from your referral,
receive $15 OFF any service in honour of our appreciation

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